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40th EPA AGM :  The 40th EPA AGM will take place on the 9th May 2018 in Windhoek at the Safari Hotels at 18:00.

EPA Scholarship Application for Academic Intake 2018 closure 6 March 2018


SAIEE - Fundamentals of MV Protection on 3,4&5 April 2018. Registration will open soon.

SARF - Gravel Road Design, Construction & Maintenance on 14&15 May 2018. Presented by Dr. P. Paige-Green & Mr. Gerrie van Zyl. Registration close on 26th April 2018 Download - ​Gravel Road Design Brochure

SARF - Design, Application & Construction of Surfacing Seals on 16,17&18 May 2018. Presented by Mr. Gerrie van Zyl. Registration close on 26th April 2018 Download DAC Surfacing Seals Brochure

Download EPA_SARF Course Registration Form 2018

INDUNA CONSULTING - Module 1 - FIDIC Contracts a Practical Approach on 17&18 April 2018. Presented by Kevin Spence. Registration close on 10 April 2018 Download FIDIC MODULE 1 - Brochure ​ Download FIDIC Module 1 - REGISTRATION FORM

INDUNA CONSULTING - Module 2 - The Management of Claims and Resolutions of Deputes under FIDIC Contracts on 17&18 July 2018. Presented by Kevin Spence. Registration close on 11 July 2018 Download FIDIC MODULE 2 - Brochure Download FIDIC Module 2 - REGISTRATION FORM

INDUNA CONSULTING - Module 4 - The Management and Administration of FIDIC Contracts on 17&18 October 2018. Presented by Kevin Spence. 

Registration close on 10 October 2018 Download FIDIC MODULE 4 - Brochure Download FIDIC Module 4 - REGISTRATION FORM

EPA News Brief

EPA periodically issues a News Brief, which is circulated to members. It provides information on happenings of interest to the engineering community - what is happening and planned, and feedback on what has happened. Latest issue: April 2014.

Previous copies can be downloaded from our Archive.

EPA Activities

EPA regularly arranges activities for its members and the interested public. For the latest information please contact the EPA Administrator.  Please note that, while EPA and its event partners work hard at arranging and maintaining scheduled events, it may occasionally be necessary to change the schedule without prior notice.

Capacity Building Activities

Conventions, seminars, workshops and training courses for continuing professional development, orgnised in cooperation with leading educators and facilitators.


Participation in school career guidance programmes and dissemination of educational materials about engineering.

Luncheons & Sundowners

Prominent speakers address relevant topics, covering not only engineering, but also knowledge-broadening matters, such as concerning our natural and social environment, at luncheons and sundowners that are open to members and the interested public.

Site Visits

Arrangement of day visits to sites of particular engineering interest. Depending on participation, EPA will also arrange group transport.

Young Engineers' Construction Project (YECP) Competition

Key Points

The annual EPA Young Engineers’ Construction Project is a highly popular project leading to participation in international competitions.

  • Brings engineering to schools through a national competition
  • Open to secondary school students in Grades 11 and 12
  • Winners may participate in international competition (subject to sponsorship)


The national competition is open to Grade 11 and 12 students of secondary schools throughout Namibia. Students are challenged to build simple but effective model engineering structures according to broad specifications, which allow students to exercise their ingenuity in finding the best compliant engineering solution.

Throughout the years, a wide range of engineering models have been built, but the most popular has been the EPA Bridge Building Competition, which links with the international Bridge Building Competition hosted annually in South Africa by the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE).

Apart from sponsored prizes for the best teams and their schools, EPA annually canvasses for sponsorship for the winning team to participate in the SAICE Competition. This offers the Namibian team the opportunity to compete internationally against winning teams from similar competitions in various countries in Southern Africa.


Continuous Professional Development CPD

The EPA, in cooperation with the South African Road Federation (SARF), facilitated the following courses during the past year:

  • During 2016 Induna Training/FIDIC conducted The Management of Claims and Dispute Resolution course on 8&9 June 2016, and
  • The Management and Administration FIDIC Module 4 course, on 25&26 October 2016

Engineers Tour of the South Namibia on 16-17 September 2016: A Visit of the 3 Dams and a Fish Farm on the Fish River.

1. Neckartal Dam Keetmanshoop Namibia.

Such big projects do not get repeated within 20 years of a nations development. The dam capacity is designed for 880million m³ water-holding. The user-Ministry is Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Forestry. The Engineering Professions Association (EPA) organized an excursion to the Site of the massive construction project of Neckartal Dam 60km west of Keetmanshoop on Friday 16 September 2016. The engineers and constructors on the project have both local and international content plus all disciplines of engineering are integrated in the project to make it complete case study. Knight Piésold Consultant engineers stationed 21 engineers on site. The total workforce on the project is about 1,000. Local subcontracting involves transportation, hired heavy equipment, local hotels, catering. Construction stone is crushed within the vicinity of the dam.

About 30 members of the EPA attended the tour. This event realized membership entry of 10 new applicant members registering. The engineers succeeded in seeing two other dams on the Fish River. The 83million m³ water-holding capacity Naute Dam was visited on the way back from Neckartal dam to Keetmanshoop and after the night on Saturday morning the engineers came through the Hardap Dam, before finally going through the Hardap Fish Farm under the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to appreciate the newly refurbished Fish farm opened in May 2016 after the Chinese donor handed it over to Hon. Minister Esau. Hardap dam with 320m m³ water holding capacity was derated to 70% to avoid the flooding as it did to Mariental town in 2006. The flood gates open discharging 5,500 m³ per hour when it reaches the new set lower limit.

The Stone Crushing Plant at ongoing Neckartal Dam Construction scheduled for completion next year. Photo by Frederick Muketi Friday 16 September 2016.

2. Laying the Floor of the Neckartal Dam.


Hardap Dam near Mariental covers 25km²-area, and has a conference centre facility, and a Fresh water Fish Farm. The name Hardap derives from the Nama word meaning "nipple" or "wart" which is how the surrounding area of low conical-shaped hills appeared to the early inhabitants. There are fishing spots at various points along the northern shore of the lake. Permits, and a map of permitted fishing areas, are available from the resort office, or from the magistrate's office in Mariental.